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Inspired Art: The Fall

“The Fall” series of images were captured using a 3.2 second shutter speed while gently rotating the camera back and forth. the feeling of melancholy tempered with the frigid wind is juxtaposed with the radiant warmth of the fall foliage. I was inspired to make this series as I stood at the door watching the sky turn gray. The trees began to sway heavily, as the sound of the wind whistled just beyond the door. I found myself shivering, as I gently rocked my head back and forth, visualizing what could become of this dreary fall day. The 3.2 second shutter speed was appropriate to ensure the motion blur of leaves could be captured, while allowing me the time needed to gently rotate the camera back and forth. The dizzying effect serves to symbolize the melancholic feelings that were explored internally as I peered out the door.

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