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Behind the Screen: Tragic Ballerina

Inspiration: The Tragic Ballerina series was inspired by a quirky behavior that my daughter has where she covers her face with her hair and crawls down the steps. It is reminiscent of horror flicks like the The Ring or The Grudge (neither of which has she seen). She also really wants to be a ballerina, despite the fact that she is less than graceful and often likes to grumble like a zombie. The Scene: With the weather dipping into the 20’s, we were limited to shooting indoors. I decidedView full post »

CM Monthly Challenge: Creating Drama with Light

This months challenge was creating drama with light and I selected a group of images from the archives that best represent my vision of dramatic light. In each image, the scene is wholly influenced by the presence or absence of light. Thank you for taking time to look and please continue on to view the photography of Natalie Fay Green. Her photography, both honest and refreshing, explores the beauty that can be found in her everyday life.  Her work is currently on display in the juried showView full post »

Behind the Screen: The Fall Series

I am a highly sensitive person, to the point where it can at times feel like it consumes me and is hard to shake off. But in the mist of all this sensitivity, is this ability to “feel” what others may pass by. I have a vivid, over active imagination, that I get great pleasure in exploring. All of these parts of me are represented in my photography. I dream of these images, I see them long before I ever get the opportunity to capture them, and sometimes they remain in the pages of my journals orView full post »