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Newborn Cheesecloth Wraps

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have stubborn nature to “do it myself”.  I have always had a hard time paying someone else to do something, that I know I can do myself.  Case in point, {newborn cheesecloth wraps}. They are sold on etsy for 8-15 dollars per wrap (a wrap is around 1.5 yards of dyed fabric). I love the soft, artistic look that they add to a newborn image.  It’s a hint of cover and color, yet it allows you to see the tiny shape of the newborn body.  It wasView full post »

Macro Monday: Squash Vine Borer

Sorry Macro Monday was delayed until today because my son and I had to do a little research first.  My son planted a pumpkin vine this summer and it was doing great but then I noticed the leaves started to wilt.  I attributed this to the heat until I noticed a yellow/orange ooze coming from the vine.  Turns out, we had a little unwelcome guest burrowing its way inside our vine.  I slit the vine and located the Squash Vine Borer and killed it, but the chances are not great that our pumpkin plantView full post »

Macro Monday: Friendship

We could all use a little bit more joy and friendship in our lives. For this Macro Monday,  I thought I would share a few pictures of a yellow rose {the friendship rose}. Yellow roses are said to evoke the same warmth and joy that you feel when you are with your close friends. Happy Macro Monday!View full post »

Macro Monday: Caterpillars

True macro photography is the ability to produce an image  on the film plane or digital sensor that is life size or larger .  This typically requires special equipment.  I use a Canon 100mm L  Macro lens for all of my “macro” photography. It also happens to be my favorite portrait lens.  It produces sharp images with a creamy bokeh (the blurring of the background- the quality of bokeh that a lens can produce is largely influenced by the shape of the aperture blades, focal length andView full post »

Children’s Birthday Book

Here is our Children’s Birthday Book for girls. This book is a great way for kids to be able to enjoy their pictures from their birthday session and makes for a great keepsake! It is available as a soft cover book that is made with text stock paper, so you are able to write in all the fun details about your child! The book is available in 2 sizes- 5.5×5.5 and 8.5×8.5 (shown) .    View full post »