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Macro Monday: Sweet New Baby Ears

I can still remember the odd look on the ultrasound techs face when we asked during our 3D ultrasound if we could see our sons ears. She remarked that in all her years, no one had ever specifically requested to see the baby’s ears before. Sure, they asked to see to see fingers and toes, but not the ears.  I have to admit when my husband asked, I thought it was strange too but what a remarkable feature to have been so ignored.  During the ultrasound we discovered that his ears are perfectly round, as are all his facial features.  I had no way of knowing how completely obsessed I would become over my children’s ears and how strikingly different they all are. So, my oldest son has perfectly round ears, my oldest daughter has slightly pointy ears that are close to her head, my youngest son has round ears that stick out ever so slightly from his head (cutest little dumbo ears you have ever seen) and our newest sweet baby girl has both a round ear and a slightly pointy ear.  It was the first feature that I noticed about her when she was born.  Well, that and she has the same button nose as her brothers and sister.

So these are her beautifully unique ears at 6 days old.


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