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Coming in Early 2018


There is so much beauty in the human face. The way the highlights and shadows rise and fall from within a dimple, as if they are the peaks and valley of a mountainous range. The gentle creases near the mouth that convey both the joys of their lifetime and the age of time. The face communicates the expressions of a loved one, that over time you have come to memorize—knowing instinctively what they are feeling—without ever having to speak a word.

What happens when the expressions are gone?

What happens when the face becomes a source of confusion for those trying desperately to read it?

What happens when the absence of a familiar dimple relates stiffness and pain rather than emotion?

MAKING FACES is a personal project that aims to raise awareness of the facial masking that occurs in patients with Parkinson’s disease. While it is one of the lesser known symptoms, it deeply affects both the patient and their loved ones and further complicates their already challenging daily social interactions. In addition to raising awareness, MAKING FACES is meant to celebrate the beauty of the human face and all its intricacies. Proceeds from this project will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and local Parkinson’s disease related charities.

Please look for more information on this project in early 2018 and the release of MAKING FACES in April 2018 during Parkinson’s disease awareness month.