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The one frame series is a new work in progress, which seeks to illustrate how the viewers perspective of a single image can be skewed depending on the photographers processing method. Processing is a crucial step in the story telling process and affects not only visual perspectives but also influences the visceral response of the audience. In this case, the processing effect was altered by shooting two different in camera double exposures verses the single image silhouette, with the intent of adding to the illusion of sorrow.

My dearest pigs,

You are my heart right now.  Your little body is so full emotion, that it often bursts out of you without any warning.

Sometimes that means warm & full hugs and big & soft smooches.

Other times, it means stomping your feet, throwing your hands down (or up, or sideways, or crossways–you name it and I’ll bet you’ve done it), quickly followed by the phrase “I don’t like it, I am not a baby.”

That right there is the hardest part about being your mommy right now.

You are my BABY pigs and it’s so hard not to scoop you up in my arms and snuggle you into submission.

The truth is, you melt me. You smile and I crumble.

Then, after I crumble, I have to pick myself up and remember that as hard as it is, I have to stand firm.

I suppose that is our role in life right now.

My job is to teach you right and wrong, how to behave, all while encouraging your free spirit.

Yours is to challenge me to be better, more patient and to help me remember that you’re my last baby boy and to soak in every moment of it (even when you call me a baby and tell me that I pee in a diaper).

As I type the words I love you,

I hear your voice in my head saying, “I love you too mommy,”

with a slight inflection of your voice when you say “too”.



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