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Yearly Archives: 2011

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have stubborn nature to “do it myself”.  I have always had a hard time paying someone else to do something, that I know I can do myself.  Case in point, {newborn cheesecloth wraps}. They are sold on etsy for 8-15 dollars per wrap (a wrap is around 1.5 yards of dyed fabric). I love the soft, artistic look that they add to a newborn image.  It’s a hint of cover and color, yet it allows you to see the tiny shape of the newborn body.  It was something I knew I really wanted for my upcoming newborn session but not at 8 dollars a wrap!

I decided to make my own and it was really easy–as easy as dyeing Easter eggs!

  • First I picked up a package of cheesecloth from Walmart (cost was 5.oo for 6 yards) and then I picked out my dye colors (I used RIT liquid dye and it was between 2.79 and 3.79 per bottle).
  • has a great color guide that gives you the recipes for different colors.  I did mine a little backwards, I recommend looking up colors first and THEN buying the specific colors you need for your recipes.
  • The color guide will tell you exactly how much dye you need per ounce of fabric.  Weigh your fabric, do the math and then you are set.
  • I used old bowls to dye the fabric in and chopsticks (they were all I had handy) to “stir” the cloth. I stirred the cloth several times during the 30 minutes (each wrap took around 30 minutes–a few times I got distracted and left it for an hour but it didn’t seem to matter).

It really is that easy!

I spent a total of 13 dollars on 15 yards of cheesecloth and I spent around 30 dollars on dye (would have been much less had I known about the color guide before I went shopping) and I made 10 wraps with it.

Total cost: 43 dollars for 10 wraps

Total cost for 10 wraps at 8 dollars each (the lowest price) is 80 dollars plus shipping.

I saved just under 50% on my project and the best part is, I have enough dye left over to make another 20 wraps.




Sorry Macro Monday was delayed until today because my son and I had to do a little research first.  My son planted a pumpkin vine this summer and it was doing great but then I noticed the leaves started to wilt.  I attributed this to the heat until I noticed a yellow/orange ooze coming from the vine.  Turns out, we had a little unwelcome guest burrowing its way inside our vine.  I slit the vine and located the Squash Vine Borer and killed it, but the chances are not great that our pumpkin plant will survive.  My poor son is now left with only ornamental corn in his garden–everything else was eaten by rabbits and deer. For more information about Squash Vine Borer

click here.

We could all use a little bit more joy and friendship in our lives.

For this Macro Monday,  I thought I would share a few pictures of a yellow rose {the friendship rose}.

Yellow roses are said to evoke the same warmth and joy that you feel when you are with your close friends.

Happy Macro Monday!