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Monthly Archives: January 2013


My Dear Sweet Pickle,

I felt the most profound connection with you, my last baby.

Maybe it was the way you snuggled so tightly to me from inside,

or how simply closing my eyes and thinking of you brought on a sense of calm.

My sweet baby, you knew.

You knew the loudness and chaos that are your brothers and sister, and you preferred to be still.

So still, that I would often worry. It wasn’t until we were alone again that you would wiggle and move.

It was then, in those quiet moments, that we shared our connection with one another.  Our time.

Laying in a warm bath, my ears deep beneath the water, my eyes closed, with just the sensation of you moving.

We were alone. Together. Daydreaming.

 This year I was lucky enough to get into a Letters to our Daughters group.  Please help us continue sharing our letters by reading the letter Sandy from  Red Lotus Photography wrote to her daughter and by sharing your comments with us!









So what do you do when you’re a photographer and you need to try a few different things? Well, if you’re like me (a little impatient and you just so happen to have a house full of kids) you throw everything at the wall in one session and see what sticks! I should start by saying that my kids were not happy or cooperative models this time around, so much so, that I had to break the ONE session into TWO.

What I learned from my use of marshmallows:

Marshmallows are sticky– especially when you leave the bag in front of a large window with direct afternoon sun (oops #1).

Cornstarch is messy– I rolled the marshmallows in cornstarch to stop them from sticking together.  Sadly I was wearing a black shirt and black pants that were then covered in the white powder (oops #2).

Marshmallows do not like being tied to fishing line– I cannot even count the number of marshmallows that were slowly cut in half from being tied to the line. When you’re tying from top to bottom, it’s kind of a problem when a top or middle marshmallow suddenly gets chopped in half.

Marshmallows make kids hungry– do not, I REPEAT, do not use an edible food product and then try to tell the kids “well, sorry you can’t eat that, it’s just for decoration” what on earth was I thinking! Well, I know what I was thinking, I was thinking eating sticky marshmallows would leave white sticky goo on their mouths and faces and I would either have to chase them down with a wet washcloth (the key word chase) or I would have to Photoshop it all out (and no one wants to do that), so I chose mean mommy–I might have chosen wrong (oops #3).

Large marshmallows are too LARGE– huh? Yes, in my opinion the large marshmallows are too large for kids–the proportions are all wrong to look like snow.  That being said, I have the WORST tying skills on the face of the planet and there was no way I was going to tie hundreds of teenie tiny marshmallows–next time I’ll just outsource that job (any volunteers???)


Have a better experience with using Marshmallows? Leave a comment because I would love to hear your suggestions!