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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The one frame series is a new work in progress, which seeks to illustrate how the viewers perspective of a single image can be skewed depending on the photographers processing method. Processing is a crucial step in the story telling process and affects not only visual perspectives but also influences the visceral response of the audience.  In this case, the black and white image is the transference of my own internal struggles with gloomy, muddy, and dark feelings onto the image itself. The color image, however; leaves the darkness behind. It reflects the joy and warmth he brings to my soul, by utilizing the warm tonality provided by the almost direct light from the setting sun. The image is softer, with shadows being less defined thereby decreasing their significance in the overall aesthetic of the image.

This series of two images were inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Haiku.

The inspiration for this series of images was Nocturne in E-flat Major, opus 9 no.2 by Frederic Chopin, and consists of 3 individual images representing the ritual, the motion, and the passion of running.

The first time I listened to it, I did so with my eyes closed. My mind was still and then I simultaneously heard and saw footsteps, running to be exact. I could hear the pounding of my blue Nike sneakers (they make a different sound then my other running shoes) on the ground and the way the gravel sounded as my foot rolled off the ground for another stride. I heard the sound of deep, heavy breath. I knew from the sound of the breath that my mind had chosen winter for the season because it’s the loud echo of breath that you hear when you are running in below 30 degree weather. I instantly flashed to the thought of exhaling and being able to see the hot steamy breath. The story my mind had created was one of ritual, motion, and passion. Everything exactly the same as the time before. The rhythmic motion of my stride balanced with the controlled deep perfect sounding breaths as I run in my own version of perfect weather and on the perfect course.

This first image titled “The Ritual”  is a double exposure intended to represent the sight and smell of evening primrose set against the backdrop of the night sky during a run.

This second image is titled “The Motion” and serves as a symbol of the grace, speed, and agility illustrated by runners.

The final image in this series is titled “The Passion”.