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Inspired Art: The Fall

“The Fall” series of images were captured using a 3.2 second shutter speed while gently rotating the camera back and forth. the feeling of melancholy tempered with the frigid wind is juxtaposed with the radiant warmth of the fall foliage. I was inspired to make this series as I stood at the door watching the sky turn gray. The trees began to sway heavily, as the sound of the wind whistled just beyond the door. I found myself shivering, as I gently rocked my head back and forth,View full post »

CM Challenge: Spookiness

I hope everyone had a spooky and sweet Halloween! It was an especially fun day for us because my oldest turned 8! School parties, cupcakes, candy, and costumes–who wouldn’t love all that on their birthday? Now for the Halloween pictures! They are hugging and smiling! It is a photo miracle–normally they hug and then some shoving and pulling ensues and pretty soon they are on the ground yelling at each other. Somebunny (sorry I’ve been dying to use a pun) didn’tView full post »

CM Monthly Challenge:Motion Blur

For this months challenge I had visions of ghostly people throughout my images, but reality set in and I decided to just have some fun! I took these images while riding down the highway at night. I used a slow shutter speed to create the base of the motion blur and I decided to just play around with the effect by moving my camera in different directions as the shutter was open. In the first image, I moved it in a panning motion. In the second image, I shook the camera up and down rapidly. TheView full post »

One Frame: Sadness or Joy

The one frame series is a new work in progress, which seeks to illustrate how the viewers perspective of a single image can be skewed depending on the photographers processing method. Processing is a crucial step in the story telling process and affects not only visual perspectives but also influences the visceral response of the audience.  In this case, the black and white image is the transference of my own internal struggles with gloomy, muddy, and dark feelings onto the image itself. TheView full post »

Inspired Art: Haiku

This series of two images were inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Haiku.View full post »

Inspired Art: The Run

The inspiration for this series of images was Nocturne in E-flat Major, opus 9 no.2 by Frederic Chopin, and consists of 3 individual images representing the ritual, the motion, and the passion of running. The first time I listened to it, I did so with my eyes closed. My mind was still and then I simultaneously heard and saw footsteps, running to be exact. I could hear the pounding of my blue Nike sneakers (they make a different sound then my other running shoes) on the ground and the way theView full post »

Inspired Art: The Pink Apron

These images were inspired by the little girl in the pink apron from the painting Peasants bringing home a calf born in the fields by Jean-François Millet.View full post »