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My Everyday Photography: Holding his breath

Captured with the Galaxy S4 Active | Edited in Snapseed and Exposure5View full post »

My Everyday Photography: In the dark

f3.2 | 1/25 seconds | ISO 12800 f3.2 | 1/40 seconds | ISO 12800 f3.2 | 1/25 seconds | ISO 12800View full post »

Inspired Art: Modern Bokeh with Alien Skins Bokeh 2

These images were all shot mostly out of focus by using a combination of a slow shutter speed and manual motion blur (read: me moving my hands up and down either on purpose or accidentally on purpose). I then transformed them in Photoshop by using the Alien Skin product Bokeh2 (you can learn more about my use of Bokeh2 by viewing CM Monthly Challenge:Shallow Depth of Field or CM Monthly Challenge: Motion Blur). This is NOT a sponsored post for Alien Skin products but I do use them and find themView full post »

Through the Kaleidoscope: Embracing the mystery of out of focus imagery

  F13 | 4.0 seconds | ISO 200. F3.5 | 2.5 seconds | ISO 200 F3.5 | 2.5 seconds | ISO 200 F18 | 4.0 seconds | ISO 200  F3.5 | 2.5 seconds | ISO 200View full post »