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Yearly Archives: 2014

The one frame series is a new work in progress, which seeks to illustrate how the viewers perspective of a single image can be skewed depending on the photographers processing method. Processing is a crucial step in the story telling process and affects not only visual perspectives but also influences the visceral response of the audience. In this case, the processing effect was altered by shooting two different in camera double exposures verses the single image silhouette, with the intent of adding to the illusion of sorrow.

These images were all shot mostly out of focus by using a combination of a slow shutter speed and manual motion blur (read: me moving my hands up and down either on purpose or accidentally on purpose). I then transformed them in Photoshop by using the Alien Skin product Bokeh2 (you can learn more about my use of Bokeh2 by viewing CM Monthly Challenge:Shallow Depth of Field or CM Monthly Challenge: Motion Blur). This is NOT a sponsored post for Alien Skin products but I do use them and find them quite helpful to my artistic workflow. Of the many different bokeh options available to Bokeh2 users, is the creative aperture selection menu.

Since the toning is warm and modern (though inspired from vintage film) I selected the triangle creative aperture option.